• Looking to experience the best of City living whilst saving money on rent each month.
  • Want to live in interesting buildings in central locations with 24 hr support plus organised evening events.
  • Keen to live simply with a single ‘all-in’ payment each month which includes rent, service charge and utilities from as little as £450 per month.
  • Interested in meeting and living with other young, adventurous, forward thinking and socially responsible people.
  • Willing to give a little back to the local area you live in through organised charity and community events.

Then perhaps the PIA Guardian life is for you.


An exciting alternative to traditional rental accommodation. If you fit our criteria we promise you, well maintained, low-cost, quality accommodation.


All our properties are maintained to the highest standards and tastefully fitted out before anyone moves in. Every property is individual but all will provide secure private bedrooms, generous communal spaces supplied with internet plus experienced senior guardians on every site to help integrate guardians and turn each property into a thriving community.


All properties will be fully specified to be in line with both Building and HMO regulations. All will have fully functioning kitchens, bathrooms and laundry facilities plus dedicated drying rooms plus external cleaners who attend site every week.


Where sites allow, we look to implement a program of activities to encourage the community to develop on site. Alongside our regular events, we look to support ideas brought to us by you the guardians. This can encompass many forms from – arranging of weekly on site evening classes, establishing rooftop fruit and veg gardens, fundraising events for local charities such as Christmas tree sales or food deliveries to the elderly right through to hosting art exhibitions or music nights with external partners.


We are passionate about going above and beyond, in providing not just a house but a home and for you to experience the best of city living.



I had just finished university and was offered a low paid position at my dream company. It was bit daunting coming down to London for the first time but everyone at Pia Guardians was so supportive. I was so lucky and got to live in a huge open plan space in Soho. All my friends were living in cramped little shoe boxes on the edge of town.


I didn’t realise how expensive living in London was going to be and if it hadn’t been for the affordable living solution I would have been faced with a very awkward commute every day.


Becoming a Guardian is so much more than just the place you go back to sleep every night. It is a community you become a part of. London is such an exciting and diverse city and without Pia Guardians I would never have been able to experience half of what I have.



Cool spaces, welcoming community, friends for life. I have loved every moment of being a guardian. For most of my guardian friends it is a lifestyle choice rather than being driven purely on a financial basis.

It’s really important you get references from guardians who have lived with the company offering you space.


There has been some bad press about unscrupulous Guardian companies that have taken advantage of people who need low cost accommodation and have been providing living quarters which are barely any better than squats.


Pia Guardians are definitely the Good Guys.


The most important characteristic you need to become a PIA Guardian is RESPECT.


We are entrusted to look after the buildings we occupy and this trust is vital to the longevity to any guardianship and the successful experience had by the guardians in occupation. Respecting this position and those you will be sharing with can lead to the most amazing city living experience.


Along with this understanding you will need to be in full time employment and able to provide two UK based references. Once evidenced you will be invited to meet the PIA Guardian team and the role and nature of being a guardian will be explained in greater detail to you. If the role remains suitable you will be offered guardian positions currently available or added to our database for future opportunities as they arise.


It doesn’t cost you anything to become a PIA Guardian. You will be entered onto our database and be one of the first to be contacted when places become available in our existing buildings or when we are launching an exciting new one. Click below to ensure you meet our minimum requirements and to be entered onto our waiting list.

By clicking submit you agree to the Terms and Conditions


+44 (0)20 8878 5699


7, The Old Power Station

121 Mortlake High Street

London SW 14 8SN


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